Cryogenic & Vacuum Systems

RICOR USA, Inc. is the US Subsidiary of RICOR Cryogenic & Vacuum Systems of ISRAEL.
We are the sales, distribution and service center for RICOR’s Stirling Cryocoolers in the US.
RICOR USA, Inc. is a US company located in Salem, New Hampshire. Our staff is focused on the success of our US customers and understands your unique needs, concerns and business environment. We invite you to contact us and see how RICOR USA, Inc. can meet your cryocooler needs.

Our Services Include:

  • Cryogenic Stirling cryocooler sales
  • Distribution
  • Repair Services
  • Integration Services
  • Troubleshooting and Service Support
  • Field Support


  • Scientific and test instruments
  • Medical imaging
  • Semi-conductor manufacturing
  • Imaging

About RICOR – Cryogenic & Vacuum Systems

Founded in 1967 in En Harod Ihud, Israel, RICOR has steadily advanced with a commitment to quality, innovation & customer focused solutions cooling power requirements can be served, from a fraction of a Watt up to 15W in the temperature ranges from 20K to 150K Input power consumption as low as 2.0W is available.
With a production rate of more than 10,000 cryocoolers annually, RICOR is the world-leader in providing innovative Stirling cooler technology to high tech instrumentation and sensor OEMs. Many applications first developed using LN2 and JT Cryostats are now employing the advantages of closed-cycle Stirling coolers produced at RICOR.