Cryocoolers Type – Main Features

  1. Rotary drive Cryocoolers excel in compactness of size and weight, robustness, high efficiency and high reliability
  2. Linear drive Cryocoolers excel in low acoustic noise, low vibration export and long life operation
  3. Split Cryocoolers (Linear or Rotary drive) provide advantages in system design aspects such as volume fitness, efficient heat management, minimize vibration impact etc.
  4. MicroStar™ Vacuum Cryopumps are based on the dual opposed, linear Stirling cryocooler for high heat load, fast, water vapor pumping of high and ultra high vacuum systems.

Integral Rotary Drive Cryocoolers
Split Rotary Drive Cryocoolers
Split Linear Drive Cryocoolers
Comparison Table
Vacuum Cryopumps